Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Good times, where did you go?

If it's not one thing it's another. My grandmother died about a month and a half ago, then hubby had to leave to go back to Afghanistan, then my stupid 14 year old niece got caught drinking at school and is suspended for 5 days and will spend the rest of the year at the "bad" kids school, and then my granddad died last night. With my granddad's death it feels like I'm losing a lot more. They lived in the country out on their farm. This is where I learned to shoot a gun, would practice pitching and hitting in their old pole barn, had family get to togethers, and some of my last memories of my brother were there on the farm. No one in the family wants to keep the farm or the house so it's being sold. If we knew this is where we would live we could buy the house and do the renovations needed but who knows where the army could send us.

Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm Back...

I thought after my husband left I'd be right back into the swing of things in bloggy land, however, my husband managed to get numerous viruses on my computer. It's finally been fixed and I've informed him he's only allowed to use his computer when he comes home! This is the third time after all!

I know I promised pictures too...well I cannot for the life of me find the cables to upload my pictures. I haven't really gotten a chance to look either. With all the bad weather we've been having I've been living at my parent's house. That way I can ride to work with my mom. The weather is looking better and I've moved back home finally so I should have the pictures up soon. I would say tonight but practice has officially begun so I won't get home until 9:00, just in time to watch Castle. So maybe during commercials if the cable can be located.

But I'll leave you with a question. Has facebook or myspace or any other social networking affected your relationship? Or thoughts on these networks???