Thursday, May 27, 2010

District Champs

I couldn't be more proud of my girls...they pulled through and won the championship game of the District tournament!!! We play our first game of Regionals on Monday. It sucks that it's Memorial Day but that's the way it's always been. Three more wins puts us at the State Tournament. Cross your fingers and wish us luck because we will need it...the number one ranked team in the state is in our Region.

I've really picked up my running and feel great. I've decided to train for the marathon and I'm actually looking forward to training. I know I sound like a crazy person and I'm sure I'll loathe it in a few weeks.

Hope you have a good holiday weekend!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

What a Weekend

Let's start with Friday softball team had a ballgame and we've been playing really well but they just didn't have it but didn't play bad but when you only get one hit you can't expect to when...our number 2 pitcher was pitching that game and when she went to cover home plate on a pass ball she rolled her ankle...the parents in the stands all said they heard it pop...good news is it's not a break but no word yet if its a tear...but she's done for the rest of the season...let's hope one pitcher is all we will need...

Saturday...I did better than expected on my 10K especially considering the four huge hills within the first 2.5 miles...they were rough but I still beat my goal time...after the race I headed to Nashville with my family and I drove because I was not about to ride in the back with my niece and nephew because they don't get along very well haha...and with the way my dad was critiquing my driving you'd thought I was 16 again...I swear I don't think I'll ever drive with him in the passenger seat again...but the whole reason for going to Nashville was for my dad to buy a Hummer...seriously...he's going through a mid-life crisis at the age of 69...the man already has a F450, a F150 and a motorcycle (that's part mine) and now a Hummer...he's lost his mind... driving must not be too bad because my dad let me drive the Hummer without him riding along...I loved every minute of it...another great workout tonight...I think I've talked myself into training for a full marathon...I'm actually looking forward to it!!!

Hope your week starts off on the right foot!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Back in the Saddle

So I'm done with the pity party and everything is back to normal...well whatever normal is...I've been without Internet at home so I feel extremely lost and on top of that blogger has been blocked at work...I completely understand not getting on it during work hours but what about my lunch break...I think I should be entitled to look at whatever I want during that hour break...but they don't ask my opinion so I'm lost during that hour...

Last friday I got the idea to sign up for a 10K this Saturday and a 5K the Saturday after...oh boy does it feel great to run again...I haven't been able to squeeze in hardly any running since the Mini but the past week I've been able to get a little in on the treadmill and I just feel so much better...dreadmill I never thought I'd say this but I've missed you...

Hope your week started off good

Monday, May 3, 2010

Rough Couple of Days

The big day is tomorrow...and by big day I mean the 6 year anniversary of my brother and sister-in-law's accident/death...what I'd give to be able to skip over the day entirely...there's not a day that doesn't go by that it doesn't heavily weigh on my I really don't need a whole day as a reminder...I know there will never be a day where I don't think about them or miss them but I just wish it would get's hard living with this much anger every day for 6 years...everyone else has seemed to accept it...I just can't seem to take that step and move on...I don't know what it is...I know it'll always hurt but should it still hurt just as much today as when I received the phone call from my dad that night...this has been weighing heavily on my mind the past week or so as this day keeps approaching...I know you shouldn't live with regrets because it's hard to move on and be truly happy but it's so hard when it comes to my brother...before I was born and the first few years of my life he was in the Army...then the last year or two of his life he decided to join the National Guard...the National Guard unit where he lived (Oklahoma) had just deployed so he got stationed with a unit out of Fort Knox which is only a few hours from where I lived...once a month every month my dad would always drive up to see him for the weekend he was there for training...I only went one time...I have to live with that every day of the rest of my life...knowing I decided to stay in town and be with my friends instead of going to see my brother who I only got to see once a year and if I was lucky twice...even though there was a 20 year age difference and he lived so far away pretty much my entire life we were extremely close...I'd give anything to take his place because it's not fair that his youngest two kids have to grow up without either parent...their just kids what did they do to deserve this...there's so many life experiences they are going to miss out on by not having their parents...granted they have my parents and me but that doesn't come close to making up for their parents... take time out of your schedule to spend with your loved ones or take that extra few minutes to give a hug, kiss or tell someone you love them before saying goodbye because you never know if that'll be the last time you get to see them...