Sunday, May 16, 2010

What a Weekend

Let's start with Friday softball team had a ballgame and we've been playing really well but they just didn't have it but didn't play bad but when you only get one hit you can't expect to when...our number 2 pitcher was pitching that game and when she went to cover home plate on a pass ball she rolled her ankle...the parents in the stands all said they heard it pop...good news is it's not a break but no word yet if its a tear...but she's done for the rest of the season...let's hope one pitcher is all we will need...

Saturday...I did better than expected on my 10K especially considering the four huge hills within the first 2.5 miles...they were rough but I still beat my goal time...after the race I headed to Nashville with my family and I drove because I was not about to ride in the back with my niece and nephew because they don't get along very well haha...and with the way my dad was critiquing my driving you'd thought I was 16 again...I swear I don't think I'll ever drive with him in the passenger seat again...but the whole reason for going to Nashville was for my dad to buy a Hummer...seriously...he's going through a mid-life crisis at the age of 69...the man already has a F450, a F150 and a motorcycle (that's part mine) and now a Hummer...he's lost his mind... driving must not be too bad because my dad let me drive the Hummer without him riding along...I loved every minute of it...another great workout tonight...I think I've talked myself into training for a full marathon...I'm actually looking forward to it!!!

Hope your week starts off on the right foot!!!