Thursday, April 29, 2010


Last night my team played one of those teams that every one hates and its not because they're really good it's because of their poor sportsmanship...first they hate a bunch of teenage boys taunting our outfielders, then some of their players were making fun of our girls and parents, then they intentionally hit one of our batters (mind you they already had a 8 run lead) and their first baseman made a smart ass comment of "what she going to do cry now." Seriously??? I don't understand why parents, coaches, and a town want to represent themselves this's one thing to be cocky and good but then to have this poor sportsmanship is ridiculous...this team has always been this way even back when I played...and people wonder why kids continue to get worse year after year...I think we need to take a look at the parenting, coaching and teaching that goes on nowadays...For example with the quality of teachers in today's of my girls told me her 20 something year old teacher had a break down during the middle of class one day and starting screaming at the kids and throwing a tantrum and hasn't been this what we want our kids exposed to? I worry about my nephew moving from the elementary school to the middle school next year...yes I realize he can't always be babied and have his hand held through life but with his problems I'm so afraid he's going to be a kid that gets left behind because a teacher doesn't care enough to give him the attention and help he needs or maybe doesn't have the time to give him that.

It's another game day...this should be an easy win for us but then again several of our losses should have been easy wins...

Just think it's almost the weekend!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Two Weeks

So much has happened since the last time I was able to get online and life is so crazy busy right now I feel like I barely have time to sleep...and when i do sleep i dream about everything i need to get is pretty much the same with my boss...i'm working about 50 hours a week even with leaving early...i'm really hoping i can get her to agree to letting me coach one more year should be their best chance of going to state...speaking of softball, our record is absolutely terrible but they don't have anyone to blame but themselves...we've really only been "beat" 4 or 5 games...but when you they make 6-10 errors in a game which is very uncharacteristic of them you cannot expect to win...but this year has also not been easy due to parents...i know you're always going to have that when you coach a team but my god you'd think the parents were the teenagers...they start more drama than the girls do's almost not even worth it.

everything with the divorce is kinda at a stand still...since he's deployed he won't agree to waive his rights so we can go ahead and file and have it final by the time he gets back stateside...but i'm going to have the paperwork waiting on him to get here...i know some of you might think i'm a terrible person for wanting to divorce him while he's deployed but if you knew everything that he's done you'd do the same thing...i don't want to go into detail about it because I don't want to talk bad about him even though that's what he's doing to's funny though because if i wanted i could go after half of everything i've put into his savings since he's been deployed but i'm not because i don't care about the money...i'm not interested in that at all i just want out of this bad situation i'm in and I'm continuing to pay all his bills and get him out of debt as those bills keep coming in too...but though this situation i've met someone who has been a savor and is going through a similar situation...its been amazing to be able to talk with someone going through these similar emotions and situations and be able to vent to and listen to them vent...i can't even begin to describe what its meant to have this and to know that i deserve so much more and that i shouldn't settle for less...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Black Toe Nail

It's official...I finally feel like a real runner! I have my first black toe nail from my race on Sunday. Never thought I'd feel this excited haha. Both my second toes are longer than my big toe so they got beat up pretty bad. The soreness is finally gone so I think I'm going to hit the treadmill tonight for an easy run. This is my only night off this week so I plan on taking it very easy. My softball team has already played 2 games this week and we have 4 more to go...whoever made our schedule sure screwed up!

Hope your hump day is going great!

Monday, April 12, 2010


I completed the mini marathon yesterday! It wasn't a good race but considering how I felt I'm satisfied with my finish and I even managed to PR by over 4 minutes. I was originally expecting to PR by over 25 minutes but considering I've had the flu and a bacterial infection for 2 weeks with very little sleep due to a terrible cough I'm ok with my finish. In fact on Saturday, I coached 3 games and didn't get home until 10:30...I finally managed to stop coughing around 1 and had to be up at 4:30 Sunday morning. During the race I surprisingly felt great until between miles 6 and body was exhausted and wanted to stop. I refuse to be a I struggled through the last half of the race. Good news though, my friend is hooked now! We are already planning our next one.

Now for a bit of usually at the beginning of each week I let my boss know what days I need to leave early for games. Now mind you either I work on the weekends, come in early during the week, or work through my lunch to make up this time even though technically I don't have to since I salaried. Plus I usually still end up with more than 40 hours a week. Well this morning when I went to give her my schedule she blew up. Granted I realize that this week it's a bit much (4 days of leaving early), but she has know what my schedule is like during the few months of our season. This is the third year I've coached. She pretty much told me she's not going to allow me to coach next year. Needless to say I'm pissed! I get all my work done, work more hours than I'm suppose to and she even said it's not a problem within our department but it's how others see it with me leaving early. Then what did she turn around and do...take a long lunch so she can run errands...seriously? And it's not like this is the first time...she does this at least once a week plus if our president isn't here (her boss) she leaves early or will be gone socializing throughout the building half of the day! Well if she wants to stick to her guns on this looks like I'll be looking for another job because I love coaching too much to give it up for a job I hate!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Caged Animal

I feel like a caged animal...I'm still stuck in my house sick! Good news though, the fever hasn't shown its ugly face in over 24 hours which means I'm going back to work tomorrow! I never thought I'd be happy to go back. I've actually been working a few hours each night when no one is at the office. That way I get get some work done without spreading my germs. Too bad my boss won't look at it as I'm dedicated to my job and deserve a raise.

I've decided come hell or high water I'm still going to complete my race on Sunday even if I have to walk the majority of it. I know I'm going to be very weak so I'm expecting my time to be horrible but I signed up to complete it with my niece and one of my best friends, so that's what I'm going to do. This is my best friend's first mini and she's scared to death. So I'm going to go and complete this with her.

Hope everyone is enjoying this amazing weather!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Still Sick

I'm still sick and completely miserable. The fever hasn't completely gone away but at least it isn't 102 anymore. The weather has been so nice this week and I haven't gotten to take advantage of it. Looks like I'll be going back to the doctor on Monday...hopefully they can fix me this time. I hope everyone is healthy and not having to suffer this misery...enjoy the sunshine!