Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Two Weeks

So much has happened since the last time I was able to get online and life is so crazy busy right now I feel like I barely have time to sleep...and when i do sleep i dream about everything i need to get is pretty much the same with my boss...i'm working about 50 hours a week even with leaving early...i'm really hoping i can get her to agree to letting me coach one more year should be their best chance of going to state...speaking of softball, our record is absolutely terrible but they don't have anyone to blame but themselves...we've really only been "beat" 4 or 5 games...but when you they make 6-10 errors in a game which is very uncharacteristic of them you cannot expect to win...but this year has also not been easy due to parents...i know you're always going to have that when you coach a team but my god you'd think the parents were the teenagers...they start more drama than the girls do's almost not even worth it.

everything with the divorce is kinda at a stand still...since he's deployed he won't agree to waive his rights so we can go ahead and file and have it final by the time he gets back stateside...but i'm going to have the paperwork waiting on him to get here...i know some of you might think i'm a terrible person for wanting to divorce him while he's deployed but if you knew everything that he's done you'd do the same thing...i don't want to go into detail about it because I don't want to talk bad about him even though that's what he's doing to's funny though because if i wanted i could go after half of everything i've put into his savings since he's been deployed but i'm not because i don't care about the money...i'm not interested in that at all i just want out of this bad situation i'm in and I'm continuing to pay all his bills and get him out of debt as those bills keep coming in too...but though this situation i've met someone who has been a savor and is going through a similar situation...its been amazing to be able to talk with someone going through these similar emotions and situations and be able to vent to and listen to them vent...i can't even begin to describe what its meant to have this and to know that i deserve so much more and that i shouldn't settle for less...


  1. sorry to hear you're having a rough time, but happy to hear you have a shoulder to lean on

  2. Hope things turn up for you soon! Hang in there!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear that!!!! You should be proud of yourself, for doing what YOU want to find yourself and be happy again. Just continue doing what you are!!!!!

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