Thursday, April 29, 2010


Last night my team played one of those teams that every one hates and its not because they're really good it's because of their poor sportsmanship...first they hate a bunch of teenage boys taunting our outfielders, then some of their players were making fun of our girls and parents, then they intentionally hit one of our batters (mind you they already had a 8 run lead) and their first baseman made a smart ass comment of "what she going to do cry now." Seriously??? I don't understand why parents, coaches, and a town want to represent themselves this's one thing to be cocky and good but then to have this poor sportsmanship is ridiculous...this team has always been this way even back when I played...and people wonder why kids continue to get worse year after year...I think we need to take a look at the parenting, coaching and teaching that goes on nowadays...For example with the quality of teachers in today's of my girls told me her 20 something year old teacher had a break down during the middle of class one day and starting screaming at the kids and throwing a tantrum and hasn't been this what we want our kids exposed to? I worry about my nephew moving from the elementary school to the middle school next year...yes I realize he can't always be babied and have his hand held through life but with his problems I'm so afraid he's going to be a kid that gets left behind because a teacher doesn't care enough to give him the attention and help he needs or maybe doesn't have the time to give him that.

It's another game day...this should be an easy win for us but then again several of our losses should have been easy wins...

Just think it's almost the weekend!

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