Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's been that long...

I just realized my last post was on June I can't believe it's been that long...there's so much that has been going on in my life I don't even know where to start...

First, my soon to be ex should be coming home within the next few weeks and he's agreed to sign the papers the weekend he's home...and the good news that comes along with that is the divorce will be final as soon as the judge signs it!!! woohoo, there's no waiting!!! I will finally be free of this nightmare!

Secondly, my running was put on hold for a little while...I'm hoping not too much longer though...I've been having some medical problems...I was taken to the emergency room about a month and a half ago with the worst pain I've ever experienced...turns out I had an ovarian cyst rupture...even though I went through all that pain I'm almost thankful because it uncovered another problem...I was referred to my OB where they ran some more tests and now I've been referred to a fertility specialist for surgery...I have a septated uterus, which if you're not aware can cause major fertility first appt. with the specialist is this Wednesday...part of me is worried about what he might say...but if it can be fixed I'm glad I'm doing it now that way when I want to start having kids there won't be a problem...I'm just really scared he's going to tell me I won't be able to have kids...I'm keeping my fingers crossed everything will turn out ok.

On top of all that, at work we are in the middle of implementation of a new payroll and hr system and we are suppose to go live on this system this payroll...haha, funny thing is our data hasn't even been uploaded on the new system and our training classes have been horrible! I hope our employees still get paid next week. Then I also found out that our company is getting ready to buy another company, which means.....more hours than I'm already working. I'm already at 50-55 a week...I might as well just start sleeping at work with as many hours as I'm going to be putting in.

October cannot get here soon enough...I'll be sitting on the beach in Hawaii with a drink in my hand with no worries in the world for 8 straight days!

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