Saturday, August 28, 2010

What a day

The divorce papers have been signed...woohoo!!! And on top of that he finally moved all his stuff out. It's finally all happening. Such relief I don't have to deal with his crap any more. He's been back state side for 16 days now and he's spent over $12,000. Who seriously does that? Thank goodness I don't have to worry about that any more and I can get my name off all his accounts so I won't be responsible for his debt any more.

My surgery went well yesterday...the doc said it was worse than what he was expecting and he found endometriosis...he said it was a good thing I decided to go ahead and have it done instead of waiting 4-5 more years because it would've been a lot worse. My stomach is so sore today...he was only suppose to do a small incision in my belly button but I woke up with three small incisions. So once again my running is put on hold for a little while.

Hope you're having a good weekend!

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