Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tick Tock

Well I've officially started my count down for my 4 day holiday weekend...t-minus 30 minutes! My hubby has helped the afternoon fly by...thankfully, for me anyway, he couldn't sleep so he's been IMing me all afternoon. Not the same as hearing his voice but it was a much needed talk. I miss the days of being able to text him all day while I was at work...those days will be back here before I know it. These next 6.5 months are going to fly by because softball starts on Monday (well conditioning for those who are up to my workouts)...I'm so not prepared. Last year I had the first 3 weeks worth of workouts done a month ahead of time. Not the story this year...I've been traveling so much for my real job I haven't been able to even think softball...but I do have a four day weekend to plan!

I've been reading a lot of lists for what others are thankful for, so here's a few things I am thankful for:

1. Family that supports me through anything.
2. My husband.
3. The men and women that serve our country day in and day out.
4. Having a job in this economy.
5. Being able to pay all our bills on time every month.
6. Having friends that have my back no matter what.
7. My niece and nephew who have lost so much.
8. My brother who saved my life (his death brought me out of a 10 year depression - however, I'd give anything to take his place so his kids could have one parent back)
9. My dad for always pushing my to be my best.
10. Kodiak - my Alaskan Malamute
11. My mom for being the rock that has held our family together

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families.

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