Sunday, November 29, 2009

Where did the last four days go???

Well I certainly can't believe it's already Sunday night...I'm not ready for a new work week to start. Not only is it another work week but softball conditioning starts tomorrow. Not looking forward to dealing with about 40 teenage girls...anyone want to trade places with me? It hopefully won't go too bad. I hope any way.

We finally had our family time at the movies. Old Dogs, another great movie. We missed all the previews and didn't get to sit together because we got there so late!

I started my training marathon in April. It'll be my 2nd one. The first was in October 2008. I had originally planned on doing the Walt Disney Marathon in January 2010...I had even done about 2.5 months of training when I decided I didn't want to use my vacation time to fly to Orlando to compete in the race. It would be wasting time I'd get to spend with my hubby when he comes home on R&R and when his deployment is over next fall...we plan on taking a long vacation...the honeymoon we never got. We got married on June 27th and he deployed August 15th. Can't wait!


  1. How fun to be working on a marathon! Have always wanted to do something like that.

    Do you know where you will go for your honeymoon?

  2. We're thinking either Hawaii or St. Lucia...we've been saving for a while and he's re-enlisting soon so we'll have that bonus money to help!