Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tough Decisions

Last night my dad and his sisters made the decision to bring in Hospice for my grandma...I believe this should have been done weeks ago. She is 90 years old, refuses to eat, drink or take her meds, is in kidney failure and hasn't gotten out of bed for roughly two months now maybe longer except when she's been taken to the hospital every other week. She's lived a long and healthy life and she's ready to go...she's been saying she doesn't know why she's still here. I know why...there are a few in my family that haven't been ready. Most of them have now excepted it and have said their goodbyes. I worry about how it's going to affect my niece and nephew...their parents were killed in a car accident 5.5 years ago...they were in the car too. They've experienced a few deaths since then and haven't handled it well. The girl (I'll call her T) feels she can't let herself love anyone any more because every time she does they die. The boy (W) has a hard time grasping things...he's almost 11 and is on meds for ADHD, Bipolar, Seizures, and has a learning disability (there's a possibility as he goes through puberty he will "grow" out of some of that...we can only hope).

But now my family and I have to begin the waiting game of watching her lay there and die...

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