Tuesday, March 30, 2010


My mini marathon race is in 12 days and I'm stuck at home with the flu and have been since Saturday. Seriously!?! I was looking forward to this being a great race for me and now I'm going to be lucky to have the energy to even complete it. I'm on day four of a 100+ fever...at least its not 102 any more. That's extremely high for me because I'm normally at a 97.2. I had to miss one of the biggest games for my team tonight...it killed me having to listen to it on the radio. Number 2 team in the state beat us 10-2 (those are the first runs scored on them all year). We will get our chance at them in a few weeks with hopefully our entire team healthy. The bug I have is going around the whole team...I think it's just about got every single one of them! Well back to bed for me.