Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stress, Fever Blisters and Teenage Girls

My mom had the nerve to say to me the other day, "I don't know what you have to be stressed about." Really I thought to myself. I bit my tongue because if I'd fired back what I have to be stressed about it probably wouldn't have turned out so well. Stress...well where should I start? First and foremost my husband is deployed to a war zone and I don't hardly have any communication with him. On top of that he won't be stateside until August and won't be home until November. No stress there, right? Then we are trying to plan a vacation to Hawaii for his block leave. Plane tickets now are a mere $700 but can't purchase them now due to the army's way of deciding things. Plane tickets and hotel reservations will have to be a last minute purchase...maybe we'll end up getting a great last minute deal but I won't hold my breath. No stress there either, right? Now let's discuss my job. In my department there is me, one other lady and our boss. My not so friendly coworker is a 59 year old never been married extremely stuck in her ways woman. I can't even begin to explain to you the number of complaints I get to hear a day from other regarding anything from the color of her pen to something she over heard that she thinks was directed negatively at her. My boss is so hot and cold you never know what you're going to get from her. One day is nothing but singing your praises to the next you feel like you're such a terrible worker you're going to get fired. And that's just my department! And did I mention I work in Human Resources so all I deal with are problems from our 800 employees. No stress at work either, right? Then there's both my grandparents dying in the first two months are 2010, my niece being a pain in the butt 14 year old who gets caught drinking at school. And even though neither one of my parents mean to vent their stress to me I usually end up catching the brunt of it. Then there's the 20 teenage girls that I coach...drama city! I can't imagine why I seem so stressed out and mad at the world all the time can you?

Fever blisters...if you've never had to experience theses horrendous things be very grateful. I only get them when my lips get burnt from the sun. Thank goodness they aren't stress related! Last weekend I sat outside for several hours watching a couple softball games...well low and behold I got burnt! When I woke up Wednesday morning I thought I had Mt. Saint Helens sitting on my lip. Go away please!!!!!

Hope your week has been smooth sailing compared to mine...

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  1. So sorry about the stress. My mom doesn't understand the stress of being a military wife either. Something about hearing mortars and gun shots when you finally get to talk to the hubs just doesn't help calm the fears and relieve stress. Good for you for biting your tongue. I usually clam up and say I have to go or just avoid the topic with her all together.

    As for the trip, I hear ya on that. I always buy the tickets with changable dates. It usually costs about $33 per ticket to be able to change the dates. So if you think the cost will jumpt more than $100 or so buying them last minute then the adjustable tickets is the way to go. I love how nothing is certain with the military, except that nothing is certain.

    Hang in there...every day is a day closer to August when he will be back stateside! Then you go from there to Nov.

    dont forget to run! It can really be a great stress relief!