Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sending Mail Overseas

Go figure, I sent hubby two boxes on Monday and my mom sent him two packages too and guess what I got email from the FRG saying his address had changed. He has been telling me there was a possibly that they were moving for the past few weeks but it never happened and I wanted to get boxes to him before the holidays so I went ahead and mailed it to stand a chance. Good thing I didn't take a chance and send something expensive in them just incase he moved. Hopefully they eventually make it there.

My workout was rough legs just didn't want to move...they felt like they weighed a hundred pounds a piece...hopefully the rest of the week will go better...


  1. I am pretty sure they will make it. My FIL sent my husband some package to Iraq once with only his name, unit and the word IRAQ. It made it all the way to him!

  2. He should get them. Maybe a little late but they should find him!