Monday, December 21, 2009

Young Athletes

Can anyone please explain to me what's wrong with the young athletes today? I have been so disappointed in my returning players during this first month of conditioning. First and foremost the fact they have been skipping it all together. It has always been known if you're a returning player it is expected for you to show up and not miss unless there was a reasonable excuse. Where did the desire and drive go in young kids today? They refuse to work hard and expect it to just be handed to them...I really don't understand. I guess it's just a different generation than when I played.

Comments, suggestions, opinions????


  1. I agree - I feel that the young athletes don't want to work, they just expect it to happen. I know that my parents were a major part in pushing me to be better. I feel like some parents aren't like that today and don't care what their kids do. Out of respect for my coach, I would never skip practice.

  2. You know what was funny... in college I noticed it even with the girls who were a few years younger... It must have something to do with upbringing?? Who knows.. Hang in there, you are doing a great thing..

    And welcome to the 1,000+++ club!