Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I'm sitting in my office hoping and praying our President comes around at 4:00 this afternoon to tell the few of us that are actually here to go home. My boss took an 1.5 lunch and left at 3:00...must be nice! There's plenty I need to be doing outside of family makes it a tradition to eat at Moonlight, so that's on the agenda for tonight. Then my mom and I are going to pick up a few last minute items for xmas and I need to get a good run in too. That will probably happen around 10:00 PM. I'm hoping the rain holds off so I can get an early morning run in before all the festivities start tomorrow, but at least I'm looking at a four day weekend...woohoo!

Wishing all the soldiers (including my hubby), that don't get to spend it with their families, have a safe Christmas.

Oh and for all you Twilight Saga husband informed me yesterday that he has a copy of New Moon on his hard drive...needless to say I'm extremely jealous and looking forward to burning a copy when he's home in January!!!